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October 15, 2016 1 min read

Deciding which Bathmate to get can be a bit of a confusing process as there's so much misinformation out on the web.

It's very important that the model you choose is based on your CURRENT SIZE and not what you want to become. Choosing a Bathmate's that too big means you may have a hard time creating and maintaining proper seal and vacuum during your workouts. Adversely, choosing a Bathmate that is too small for you may be uncomfortable and not allow enough room for size gains.

Here's a simplified sizing chart for you to see which model(s) of Bathmates are right for you.

Measure your length from pelvis to tip of your head when erect. Measure your width from left to right at your widest point (this could be your head or shaft). If you're above average in girth  and exceed any of these #'s then you'll want to go to the next size up.

Bathmate Hydropump Size Guide - Revised 10/15/16
1.00 to 5.50" L + .50 to 1.50" W = X20 and X20 Xtreme
5.60 to 7.50" L + .50 to 1.90" W = Hercules, X30 and X30 Xtreme
7.60 to 9.00" L + .50 to 2.25" W = X40 and X40 Xtreme
9.01 to 11.00" L + .50 to 2.75" W = Goliath or X50 Xtreme


 Let us know if you have any questions or ideas! We'd love to hear your feedback.