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October 19, 2016 2 min read

What is Bathmate?

The Bathmate Hercules is the original water-based penis pump that introduced men to safe, effective penis enlargement. Customer reviews and feedback have been very positive over the last 9 years we've been selling it. If you're looking for a budget-minded way to get a bigger penis or have issues with ED - the Bathmate Hercules is exactly for you.

How does Bathmate work?

The patented Bathmate hydrotherapy system uses water, air, and vacuum to promote maximum blood flow to the penis. Our typical customers report 1-3" gains in length and up to .5" in girth in just 9 months. Staying consistent with your pumping schedule is key. Results do vary due to a variety of factors including age, diet, exercise, genetics, and overall health.

How much does Bathmate cost?

Because all genuine Bathmates are made in the U.K. from medical grade materials, don't expect to find an authentic Bathmate for less than $100. Be very skeptical of anyone selling Bathmates for less than this as there are copycat manufacturers in China providing unlicensed retailers with fake Bathmates for pennies on the dollar.

What ages can use Bathmate?

Men ages 18-85 have benefited from Bathmates we've sold them. And we get all sorts of men ranging from professional athletes, physicians buying for themselves or for their patients, wives and girlfriends buying for their guys, older men suffering from ED, and mainly the average joe.


A perfect hydropump for men new to hydrotherapy. Bathmate Hercules' come in 3 colors and shipped to you discreetly from our warehouse in Toronto, Ontario. You can see more at our Official Bathmate retail Store in Canada.